We are specialized in the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of stainless steel installations for various sectors, and we can also manufacture special boilermaking parts and custom-made piping for new installations as well as for maintenance.

Examples by sector:

  • Food and agriculture:
    reactors, fermenters, special exchangers, pasteurization equipment, CIP systems, process lines, SKID, storage tanks, valve manifolds.
  • Pharmacy:
    laboratories, reactors, condensers, process lines, crystallizers, fermenters, multiport plates, CIP/SIP systems.
  • Cosmetics:
    storage tanks, condensers, stirring vessels, adhesive melters, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, dispensers.
  • Chemistry:
    distillers, reactors, distillation columns, alembics, bioreactors, adhesive melters, process lines.
  • ATEX instalations