Mechanical assembly of racks and piping installation works in dairy products processing plants.

During the last few moths our company has been carrying out works of mechanical assembly of racks and piping installation, in cooperation with engineering companies Anerpro Energía y Proceso S.L. and SPX Flow Technology SAS, for two dairy products processing plants in the northwest of France.Mechanical pipe rack assembly

Initially we installed and interconnected rack mounted pipelines of type 304L and 316L stainless steel for product lines, service and CIP lines, compressed air distribution lines and steam lines (12 bar).

Hereafter, we carried out the assembly of a milk reception room for tanker unloading and a milk processing and refrigeration room along with the installation of a pipe-rack system outdoors and indoors.
Installation of an exterior pipe-rack system

Finally, we manufactured and installed type 304L and 316L stainless steel millimetric piping to connect several storage tanks of 250,000 liters to the control manifold, and to connect the manifold assembly in turn to the distribution rack.

These works were carried out always observing the strict compliance with safety and hygiene standards as required in this type of facilities.


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