Works of enlargement of industrial facilities for the food and agriculture sector.

During the last 3 months our company has carried out several works of modification and extension of product lines, and installation of stainless steel piping for procces and service fluids, under the technical supervision of Tetra PakAseptic tank and in cooperation with engineering company Anerpro Energía y Proceso S.L., in a juice production plant and a dairy products processing plant, located in the regions of Castellon and Barcelona respectively.

Among the works performed stand out the installation of an aseptic tank of 5,000 liters and the manufacture and set up of a manifold of 18 valves, as well as all the water, air, product, CIP and steam pipelines.

Manufacturing of a valve manifoldThese works were carried out always observing the strict compliance with safety and hygiene standards as required in this type of facilities.

March – May 2016.

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