Replacement of alembics and piping renovation works.

During the months of March and April this year we have accomplished the projected works of replacement of two alembics in the essences extraction plant Le Clos D’Aguzon (La Drôme, France) belonging to the company Bontoux SA, and we have installed the piping assembly prepared in our workshop in July-August 2014.

In a first phase, we proceeded with dismantling of two stainless steel extraction tanks of 5,000 liters and the steam and process piping,Condensators regulation and control and we modified the supporting structure of the tanks in order to install the new alembics.

After this, we manufactured a skid to support two stainless steel tubular condensers of DN450.

Finally, the new alembics were installed. We set up the steam pipe lines of SCH10 stainless steel and manufactured the process and refrigeration lines of 304L stainless steel.

Steam distribution and control for alembicsAdditionally, we carried out steam feed piping renovation works for several extractors and replaced DN100 and DN80 valves.

March – April 2015.

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