Stainless steel piping assembly for renovation and replacement of alembics.

Between July and August this year, we were contracted by the company Bontoux SA to manufacture a stainless steel piping assembly for the renovation and replacement of 2 alembics in its essences extraction plant in Le Clos D’Aguzon (La Drôme, France).
Piping alambics_1
The preparation in our workshop was carried out with SCH10 stainless steel piping welded using the TIG method and purged with nitrogen gas. After this, the corresponding preasure tests were completed.
As a complement to this installation, we provided all balance and control valve sets  from ARI-ARMATUREN ( globe valves, steam traps, safety valves, modulation valves, balance valves and filters, etc.) as well as a SIEMENS  automation system.

Piping alambics_2The installation of all piping and boilermaking parts is scheduled from the 2nd trimester of 2015 onwards.

July– August 2014.

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